‘The Snow Queen 2’ in Brazil: the second installment release results beat the first one’s

Three weeks from the release date Wizart’s ‘The Snow Queen 2’ admissions in Brazil outbeat the total admissions of the first movie of the franchise.

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On Nov 12 ‘The Snow Queen 2’ went to 350 screens in Brazil. Sice this date more than 280 thousand viewers have watched ‘The Snow Queen 2’ – it is thrice as much as ‘The Snow Queen’ audience in 2013 taking into account that the first installment headed to 179 screens only.

The movie had also high box office performance. At the moment it exceeds 3,6 mln BRL, that’s 1,5 times more that ‘The Snow Queen’ BO after three weeks from the release date.

Popular Brazilian actors voiced the movie – Larissa Manoela dubbing Gerda and João Côrtes voicing Orm. Larissa Manoela who is 15 years old is the youngest actress to voice this character ever. Nevertheless, she is already a famous in-demand actress – Larissa’ filmography consists of 6 national TV series and an Oscar entry film from Brazil ‘The Clown’. ‘The Snow Queen 2’ gets 200 screens on the territory.

‘The Snow Queen 2’ is highly demanded in other Latin America countries. In the beginning of 2016 a theatrical release of the feature is set to hit Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador.