Wizart Animation will present studio’s in-house 3D editor at the upcoming View Conference 2021

Animation studio Wizart is taking part in the 22nd International VFX Computer Graphics Conference, computer graphics and visual effects event. View Conference 2021 is held online and offline in Turin, Italy, 17-22 October.


View Conference 2021 is built of lectures, panel discussions, workshops and talks. Topics revealed at the event include interactive techniques, digital cinema, 3D animation, VR and AR technology, gaming and VFX.

On Friday, at 10-45 CET studio’s General Producer Vladimir Nikolaev and R&D Supervisor Alexander Kalyuzhnyy will make online presentation of Wizart’s in-house 3D editor called “Wizart DCC Platform”. It was used for production of studio’s recent animated feature “Secret Magic Control Agency” released on Netflix this March.

This pipeline is being used for all stages production of Wizart’s brand new feature “The Warrior Princess”. In particular lighting and rendering are produced using Wizart’s own pipeline, as well as procedural modeling at different production stages. Wizart Animation is making “Wizart DCC Platform” open-source software available for other animation companies.

Directors, producers and animators of such studios as Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar and others will take part in various discussions at View Conference 2021. Everyone can join the conference online after free registration on its website.