Return to the Mirrorlands: The Wizart Wizards Divulge the Secrets of ‘The Snow Queen 5’

We hope Elsa from Frozen doesn’t get too jealous when she finds out that Russian animation powerhouse Wizart is working on its fifth Snow Queen movie this year. The hugely successful franchise, which was first brought to the screen in December of 2012, has a built-in audience of fans around the world, so it’s not surprising that the team behind the first feature are bringing the young heroes Gerda, Kai and their friends back to theaters once again this year.


According to Nikoleav, the same team that worked on all the previous Snow Queen features are working on this new installment as well. “Our team’s professional skills have grown simultaneously with the quality of each released movie,” he notes. “So, there are about 150 people involved as always. Our film is being produced at our studio in Russia, but for simpler and urgent jobs, we use our freelancers from different corners of the world.”

The film’s director Andrey Korenkov points out that with each movie, the Wizart team puts more focus on the studio’s proprietary software to produce the animation. “When we began production on Snow Queen 5, we already had a series of proper software solutions, which cover our production needs almost entirely.” I promise that Snow Queen 5 will have a lot of magic, humor and adventures for everyone.” Korenkov says he believes Ila is quite a fascinating new character who allows filmgoers to see a new side of the heroes they know and love. “Now Gerda and her brother Kai act as her kind friends and wise mentors,” he explains. “By their own example and kind advice, they help the young magician girl overcome her childish whims, selfishness and fears. Through a series of exciting adventures, they become a united team that can perform real wonders.”

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