Animation Magazine has released an interview with the creators of Wizart’s new movie The Warrior Princess

Animation Magazine – one of the world’s most popular magazines about the industry – has released an interview with Vladimir Nikolaev, Wizart’s main producer, and Aleksey Zamyslov, the director of the new The Warrior Princess feature. This romantic comedy about people’s uneasy problems will be released in 2021.

The main character of The Warrior Princess is Mila. She is a strong and brave girl, who is not willing to give in to the difficulties. For her fiancé Ronan, she is ready to fight against the toughest circumstances – even if people around believe that princesses are not born to be fighters.

Tell us about the new movie — we hear it’s not the usual princess story audiences are accustomed to!

Vladimir Nikolaev: The Warrior Princess is absolutely not a typical story. That’s the movie about a strong-willed person, a princess who is ready not only to overcome the difficulties but also change the world around her.

Our romantic comedy addresses the problem that has always been relevant – don’t give in to the stereotypes! The main character, Mila, is not willing to surrender to the circumstances – she chooses her own way and follows it fearlessly. I have to mention, she is pretty good at listening to her heart!

What attracted you to the idea of a “warrior princess” for the central character?

Alexey ZamyslovI can say, the image of a strong heroic woman is our national trait – this theme has always been a part of the cultural code. Even our classics had a saying about such female characters, that they can “stop a running horse and enter a burning hut.”

Also, once we started to plunge into The Warrior Princess project, we noticed that our features had a female lead before, as well. In The Snow Queen franchise, it was Gerda, a fearless girl who went on a dangerous adventure to rescue her brother. In Secret Magic Control Agency, it is Gretel, the kingdom’s best agent, who is able to solve the biggest crime of the century.

How do the movie’s themes expand on this strong female protagonist’s message?

Zamyslov: The Warrior Princess is a very complex movie. So, as our primary audience is children, we are going to speak about the topics they can relate to – growing up and searching for self. As for the adults, they will be interested to see the conflict between children and their parents due to different life views, as well as their eventual understanding and acceptance of each other.

Another thing we find important to discuss is traditions. Does modern society need all of them? Or maybe it’s time we gave up on some of them and created new ones? Of course, we can’t give the exact answers to all those difficult questions – but we will certainly think them through in a light comic form, together with our audience

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