Wizart Animation signed the deal on The Snow Queen and Sheep and Wolves with Vertical Entertainment

One of the most progressive Russian animation companies Wizart Animation has signed a deal with a global independent distributor Vertical Entertainment. The company acquired the rights to distribute the blockbuster features The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands and Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal in the USA and Canada.

The release of Sheep and Wolves is planned for the beginning of the coming year: January 29, 2021. As for the fourth movie of The Snow Queen franchise, though, it will appear on American and Canadian screens already on December 18, 2020. From the moment Mirrorlands was released for the first time, it’s already been seen by over 17,000,000 viewers in over 80 countries! The movies will be released in theaters and on Video On Demand platforms which include such giants as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Video.

The audience all over the world loved Gerda’s story so much – the story of how her kindness and firm faith in friendship helped her find a way even to the most cold and snowy heart – that our company couldn’t help but continue the narration about the well-known characters,” shared Vladimir Nikolaev, Wizart’s General Producer. “Currently the studio is producing a spin-off for the popular franchise, named “The Snow Queen: Keepers of Wonders”, where the familiar characters encounter malicious evil that never breaks them.”

These days, Wizart has several TV show and feature projects in production. One of the premieres that await us in the coming year is a fairytale romantic comedy Warrior Heart.

This is a story about two loving hearts that can’t unite – King Vladimir doesn’t let his daughter Ludmila marry her beloved Ruslan, whom he finds unworthy as her groom. After her being persistent about this, Ludmila’s father does allow Ludmila to base her marriage choice on love, not on convenience. However, there’s a new circumstance that prevents Ruslan and Ludmila’s wedding – the evil sorcerer Chernomor kidnaps Ludmila right in the midst of the event.

King Vladimir promises to give half of the Kingdom and Ludmila herself as a wife to someone who saves her – that’s how Ruslan gets three new rivals, ready to go to any lengths not for love, but for the profit. Will Ruslan manage to save the one he loves? A series of challenges and exciting adventures will show. The animated feature is based on the poem by Alexander Pushkin, a great Russian author, considered the founder of the contemporary Russian literary language.


The animation studio Wizart was founded in 2007 and currently is one of the most progressive Russian movie companies. The studio’s projects include short animations, animated TV shows and feature blockbusters. Wizart’s movies are widely known abroad: they are translated into over 30 languages, being distributed in over 150 countries worldwide, and the total abroad box office of its most successful franchise The Snow Queen amounts to over $100 million.


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