Wizart Sells U.K., India, Africa on «Snow queen» and «Sheep & Wolves»

At Key Buyers Event: Digital Edition, international online market organized by Roskino Wizart announces a number of deals whereby studio films will be seen by viewers in the UK, India and across the African continent. 


Signature Entertainment, one of Britain’s leading distributors, picked up the rights to distribute Sheep & Wolves: Pig Deal and The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands in the UK. Signature will be responsible for bringing the features to the cinemas and largest VOD platforms such as iTunes and Amazon.


Katie Wilkinson, Signature Entertainment Acquisitions: Signature are thrilled to be releasing Sheep & Wolves: Pig Deal and The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands in the UK & Ireland. Both are very appealing, great quality animations and are strong additions to our 2020 slate, emphasising the company’s ongoing dedication to release the highest standard of independent animations in the market. We are expecting the large number of viewers at home to be charmed by our animal friends, whilst parents keen on venturing out to the cinema (when they reopen shortly after such a long hiatus) with their little ones will be delighted by the magical world of this icy monarch.


Signature are releasing The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands theatrically on Friday 10th July, a month before the home entertainment release of Sheep & Wolves: A Pig Deal On Monday 10th August. The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands will then be available on home entertainment in November, just in time for Christmas!


The African continent, which is already familiar with the films of the Wizart studio, will soon be able to get acquainted with the second part of Sheep & Wolves franchise. It will be released on this territory  be the Gravel Road Distribution Group.
In addition, KBE also saw signing of agreement with Miraj Group to release Snow Queen: Fire and Ice and Snow Queen: Mirrorlands in India.