WIZART announces deals at EFM

At EFM film market in Berlin Russian Wizart announces several deals for the Fantastic Return to OZ.

At EFM film market in Berlin Russian Wizart announces several deals for the Fantastic Return to OZ. The feature will be shown in the UK and Northern Ireland in April 2020 according to the agreement with the Signature Entertainment.  The audience in Bulgaria will have an opportunity to watch the movie due to contract with Pro Films company. The relevant deal with South Korea was signed with BoXoo Entertainment and with Snap TV in Latin America.



Director of Acquisitions and Development Signature Entertainment Elizabeth Williams: “ Signature Entertainment is very pleased to continue and expand our ongoing relationship with animation specialists Wizart on a UK deal for wonderful sequel Fantastic Return to Oz. The new film follows 2018’s successful UK release of Journey to Oz from the same much loved world. Animation remains a mainstay for Signature Entertainment and we look forward to releasing this fantastic new adventure in collaboration with our partners at Wizart”.

CEO of Pro Films Emil Simeonov:We`re proud and very, very happy with our long-term partnership with Wizart! Our cooperation already led to a few box-office records on the Bulgarian market for independent animation feature films, but we`re sure the best is still to come!” 

In the new movie, Dorothy and her loyal dog Toto are back to Magic Land just in time. Treacherous Urfin Jus is trying to take authority in the Emerald City once more — even though he has lost his army of wooden soldiers, his bad habit of spoiling everyone’s life still persists. This time Urfin has taken hold of the sorceress Gingema’ Magic Book, which can fulfill any desire of its master. That means the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man are now in danger. Dorothy, Toto and their new friend Tim decide to help the people of the Magic Land. Besides, Tim likes Dorothy, and how much can one do for love? For example, something stupid. However, everyone makes mistakes, but few are able to make things right afterwards.




Wizart is a leading Russian media company for production, distribution and licensing of animation content targeted at kids&family audience. The studio was founded in 2007, making a notable statement in 2012 with the first The Snow Queen movie release. Today it is a highest-grossing Russian franchise in international markets with four theatrical installments and TV-series spin-off. The titles are sold to over 150 countries and translated into 30 languages. Wizart develops one more theatrical brand – Sheep and Wolves. Hansel and Gretel based on a fairytale by Grimm brothers is now in production.