“The Snow Queen: Mirror Lands” goes into theatrical release in Brazil

The theatrical release of the feature “The Snow Queen: Mirror Lands” made by Russian animation studio Wizart starts in Brazil on November 21. 

According to forecasts by Galeria Distribuidora, the official distributor in Brazil, the box office of the 4th part “Snow Queen” should be close to $ 500,000. The previous three parts of the film brought almost $ 3 million in Brazil box office ticket sales. 

The Brazilian voice cast for “The Snow Queen: Mirror Lands” included popular actress and singer Larisa Manuela (whose Instagram account totaled 25.7 million subscribers), Joao Cortes and Igor Jansen. The premiere will also be supported by shopping centers, ice rinks and playgrounds, which will be specially designed for the release of the film in the style of the “Snow Queen”.


On November 28, the theatrical release of the feature starts in Uruguay. Argentina will join countries showing the “Snow Queen” on December the 5th and Paraguay will supplement the list of territories with theatrical release on December 12.


Theatrical release of Wizart’s movie “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal” will start in Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. The studio’s deal with Andes Films was announced at the American Film market in the US.  


Jorge Rojas Traverso, a representative of Andes Films: » We are very excited for our first movie together and we certainly hope it won’t be the last. Chile, Bolivia, Perú and Ecuador are territories where the animation films work quite well so we are expecting good results. Our plan is to find a good date and from there, start a campagin that allow us to reach a family audience. Also, mention the return of the characters that they previously met in the first movie».


Wizart General Producer Yuri Moskvin:  «Latin America is a key market for Wizart. The viewers are already familiar with the Snow Queen franchise, several installments of which have been released there at various times with the last one coming out in Latin America on November 21st. We were also quite pleased with the box office performance of the first part of our Wolves and Sheep series in 2017 and that gives us hope that the sequel to this now familiar story will enjoy success there as well.»


Andes Films is a film distributor with 20 years of experience. We have offices in Chile, Perú and Bolivia. We have exclusive distribution rights for Sony Pictures movies in Perú and Chile and also the distributions rights for Universal and Paramount movies for Chile and Bolivia. Also we distribute independent films in most cases for the three countries mentioned and Ecuador.


Wizart Animation Studio, founded in 2007, is one of the first studios in Russia to develop full-length animation. In 2015 the authoritative Animation Magazine publication includes Wizart Animation in the TOP 25 most promising animation companies in the world.