Marche du Film: Fantastic Journey to OZ goes to US and Canada

Within Marche du Film market, Look Film which is focused on English-speaking countries has acquired Fantastic Journey to OZ for theatrical release in US and Canada. New Wizart’s partner is also a strong player in the market of VOD distribution working with such platforms as Amazon, iTunes, Google play, Vudu, Dish, Xbox, inDemand, TubiTV, Pantaflix, Hoopla, Magellan, Pluto, Kanopy, Adrise, Indieflix.

We are greatly honored to be trusted to present the film to American audience. In North America, many children have enjoyed OZ fairy tales for years. The magic word “OZ” unites different generations of Americans. It’s a rare, unique and versatile type of a brand. And, our main task is to effectively use this brand’s power to unite generations!’ – comments representative from Look Film.

The first movie of the “Fantastic Journey To Oz” series released in 2017 earned nearly $ 7 million in the global box office, and Wizart organized its theatrical releases in China, Korea, Latin America, Germany, Great Britain, etc.

Wizart also started international sales of the second installment Fantastic Return to OZ this year.

In the new version, In the new movie, Dorothy and her dog Toto are back to Magic Land just in time. Treacherous Urfin Jus is trying to take authority in the Emerald City once more — even though he has lost his army of wooden soldiers, his bad habit of spoiling everyone’s life still persists. This time Urfin has taken hold of the sorceress Gingema’ Magic Book, which can fulfill any desire of its master. That means the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man are now in danger. Dorothy, Toto and their new friend Tim decide to help the people of the Magic Land.