USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands and others – the film is set for premiere in 17 countries till the end of 2015!

Cannes, October 3, 2015: Premiered in 2012, Wizart’s franchise ‘The Snow Queen’ continues to conquer new territories. 17 countries will enjoy the forthcoming release till the end of 2015 confirming the status of ‘The Snow Queen’ as the most successful Russian animated feature film in the international market. The release will take place either theatrically or on home entertainment. 


On Oct 30 ‘The Snow Queen’ is to be released in South Africa, while November 11 is the premiere date for Brazil.

For the first time in the history of Russian animation the Russian animated project is voiced in Afrikaans. Usually all the movies are voiced in English for the theatrical release in SA. Wizart’s partner in the South Africa, Indigenous Film Distribution has chosen it due to being one of the most accepted languages in the territory. Brainstorm’s Flashlight soundtrack for the movie also has been localized in Afrikaans. Local star cast included Heidi Mollentze, the South African popular actress.

The Brazilian release is worth mentioning also. One of the reasons it stands out is that an actress voicing Gerda – Larissa Manoela, who is 15 years old – is the youngest actress to voice this character ever. Nevertheless, she is already a famous in-demand actress – Larissa’ filmography consists of 6 national TV series and an Oscar entry film from Brazil ‘The Clown’. ‘The Snow Queen 2’ gets 200 screens on the territory.

Theatrical release is to take place in Europe as well. Benelux countries covered by Just4Kids will premier the movie Oct 1.

Also, starting from November the sequel to ‘The Snow Queen’ will enjoy home entertainment release in the United States and Canada by Wizart’s partner Entertainment One.

Alongside with the North America, ‘The Snow Queen 2’, acquired by Universal through partnership with KLB, will have a home entertainment release in France as well as in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In November the UK, ex-Yugoslavia and Poland will release the Snow Queen 2 DVDs following the successful theatrical release which happened last winter in all those countries.