“Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal” has caught distributors’ interest in the AFM 2018


In the American Film Market 2018 (October 31 – November 7) in Santa Monica (USA), Wizart Company presented its long-awaited animated feature “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands”, the fourth movie in the popular franchise, and another sequel “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal”, whose first instalment the audience knows very well to the international buyers.


Currently Wizart Animation Studio is finishing its work on the movies “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands” and “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal”, so that the audience can join their favorite characters in their new adventures this winter already.


Within the AFM 2018, Wizart Company has concluded the following agreements, about which we’d like to give more details.


Germany, Austria and Switzerland will show animated feature “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal” – Koch Films GmbH has acquired TV, DVD and VOD rights. In 2017, these distributors were in charge of the DVD release of the animated adventure “Sheep and Wolves”, the first instalment. Wizart Company is happy to continue work with its reliable partner, distributor Koch Films GmbH.


Our regular partners Kino Swiat, Poland, are receiving “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal”. Kino Swiat, one of the largest distributors in Poland, is planning a theatrical distribution of the sequel. The fruitful collaboration between Wizart and Kino Swiat started in 2013, since the distribution of “The Snow Queen”, already and is still going on.  The Polish distributors collaborate with Wizart on all movies of “The Snow Queen” franchise and on “Sheep and Wolves” feature.


Yuri Moskvin, General Producer for Wizart:  

“We take each our project as unique and treat it with great reverence. The animated feature “Sheep and Wolves” is still successfully distributed around the world. Currently, in Wizart Animation Studio, there is most active work on the sequel “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal”, in collaboration with Sergey Selyanov and CTB. Very soon, the audience will see the premiere of the new movie with already loved characters.”


“Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal” is a sequel to another popular animated story by Wizart Animation, produced by Sergey Selyanov, Yuri Moskvin and Vladimir Nikolaev.  The work on the sequel was in collaboration with CTB Film Company. The director is Vladimir Nikolaev, and the screenplay is written by Alexey Tsitsilin, Vladimir Nikolaev and Robert Lence, known for his work on huge blockbusters like “The Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Toy Story”, “Shrek” and other animation hits. We’d like to remind you that Robert Lence also worked on “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands” as a co-director.