“Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal” gains big popularity in the AFM 2018

In the American Film Market 2018, Santa Monica (the USA), Wizart Animation Studio presented two long-awaited projects that the international distributors have been anticipating so much – these are “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands”, a sequel to the successful franchise, and another sequel “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal”, whose first instalment the audience knows very well. The franchises of both projects are still successfully distributed all over the world today.


Wizart Animation Studio’s creative teams, working on both projects (“The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands” and “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal”), are now finishing work on these animated features for the audience to see the new adventures of the loved characters.


Within the AFM 2018, Wizart Company has concluded the following agreements, about which we’d like to give more details.


The animated movie about the adventures of wolf Grey, she wolf Bianca, hare Mami, seagull Cliff,  ram Zico, ewe Lyra as well as new characters small ewe Josie and Polar fox Simone — “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal” – will bring some happiness to the audience of Hungary. The theatrical exhibition rights have been bought by ADS Service Ltd. We can also add that in 2017 the same distributors prepared theatrical distribution of the first movie in the series – “Sheep and Wolves”.
The animated adventure movie “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal” has been bought by KLB SAS (French-speaking Europe). KLB SAS has scheduled a TV release. By the way, the first movie in the series (“Sheep and Wolves”) was broadcast on Gulli channel in the spring of 2017 already.


I am very pleased to announce that  Sheep and Wolves Pig Deal will be broadcasted by Gulli (Lagardere Group) in 2019. The French title is ‘Gare aux Loups 2: Tous à Table’,” says Karen Levy Bencheton, President of KLB SAS Company.


Both movies of the franchise have also been purchased by Bohemia Motion Pictures (the Czech Republic and Slovakia). The second adventure movie “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal” will be theatrically premiered in the Czech Republic in January 2019.



Vladimir Nikolaev, Executive Producer for Wizart Animation:

“The quality of our movies is really high, and the positive reaction of the audience motivates us to create even more interesting, cheerful and colorful stories. “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal”,  the second movie of the franchise, will involve not only the characters familiar from the first movie, but also new ones, whom the audience is certain to remember.”


“Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal” is a sequel to another popular animated story by Wizart Animation, produced by Sergey Selyanov, Yuri Moskvin and Vladimir Nikolaev.  The work on the sequel was in collaboration with CTB Film Company. The director is Vladimir Nikolaev, and the screenplay is written by Alexey Tsitsilin, Vladimir Nikolaev and Robert Lence (“The Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Toy Story”, “Shrek” and other animation hits). We’d like to remind you that Robert Lence also worked on “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands” as a co-director.


The first “Sheep and Wolves” movie has won awards in many Russian and international movie festivals: “Best animation” at the Golden Unicorn Awards (London), Grand Prix at the Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival and many others.