Trailer for Long-Awaited “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands”

If you still have no plans for your Christmas holidays, now you do! “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands”, a long-awaited movie by famous Wizart Animation Studio, enters the global distribution on Christmas Eve! Its Russian release is planned for January 1, 2019. In addition to the trailer, Wizart Animation has also issued a new poster for the animated feature “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands”.

The movie “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands” about Gerda and her friends will greatly impress you by its effects and unique story – very different from all the preceding movies in the franchise. The directors of the animated feature are Aleksei Tsitsilin and Hollywood’s legendary animator Robert Lence, known for his work on huge blockbusters like “The Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Toy Story”, “Shrek” and other animation hits. This is the famous animator’s first experience as a feature movie director.



The producers of “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands” are Yuri Moskvin, Vladimir Nikolaev, Boris Mashkovtsev, Pavel Stepanov and Vadim Vereshchagin. Central Partnership (which is a part of Gazprom Media) and Soyuzmultfilm took part in co-production.


The main theme of the “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands” movie is a collision of science and magic, progress and fairytale. This instalment will return all the main characters, including Rollan. Of course, the Snow Queen will appear too – this time she’ll transform into a ghost lady, visible only to Gerda. In the new movie, its creators paid special attention to the special effects: clouds, lava, water look like they were real; the landscapes take your breath away with their huge variety and beauty, while the battle scenes impress with their technological level and greate scale. The heroes – and the audience with them – will be traveling by zeppelin and steam cart, they will also visit a flying City of Pirates. According to the plot, the characters, headed by the Snow Queen, have to unite their forces against mighty King Harald.


The first movie in the franchise was released in 2012 – since then The Snow Queen brand has brought Wizart Animation Studio about $100 million. The Snow Queen franchise is the most successful Russian project abroad. To the present day, the franchise movies have been sold to 150 countries and translated into 30 languages.


You can watch the new trailer herePoster_CPS_02_ENG_preview