Names of the soundtrack authors for the show “Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders” have been revealed

The soundtrack for the “Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders” series follows the Disney traditions and combines the genres of pop and folk


Stars of the soundtrack world, music composers Brad Breeck and Gabriel Hays became co-authors of the music composition for the TV show “Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders” and spoke about how the song was created.

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Brad Breeck is known for his works for Disney (Gravity Falls), Dreamworks, Netflix, his recognizable works for MTV and the Cartoon Network show melodies that you can still hear every here and there. He started to write songs when he was at college.


Gabriel Hays is famous for his work for such hits as Puppy Dog Pals (Disney), Pickle and Peanut (Disney), We Bare Bears (Cartoon Network). His favorite way to deal with music is combining orchestral music, synthesizers and vintage instruments. Another curious fact about Gabriel is that his first experience as a composer took place when he was 9 years old and tried to re-write Bach’s immortal masterpieces.


Brad and Gabriel really loved the main character of the “Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders” show – 5-year-old Icy. She is “smart, resourceful and most importantly, as someone who never gives up in the face of a problem,” describes Brad. “We hope her unique way of solving problems can be an inspiration to others,” adds Gabriel.


Brad and Gabriel also said that they enjoyed being absorbed in the world of the show and its characters and exploring more of their adventures. It became that driving force that inspired the composers to make that melody.


“We also pulled from our own experiences as songwriters to find the right tone and feeling for the song,” Brad explains the process of the soundtrack creation. “We aimed to include elements of adventure, mystery and magic,” adds Gabriel.


According to the authors’ words, it isn’t really possible to characterize the composition genre in a single word – it’s a blend of genres, close to pop and folk, following classic Disney traditions of songwriting.

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The show “Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders” is a global international project. In the nearest time, Wizart Animation Studio will tell about its screenwriter – now we can just mention that this is a person with wide experience of work in Hollywood projects.


The “Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders” series now also has an international representative Shelley Page (Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon and other animation hits), is promoting Wizart’s projects (Wizart Animation Talent Consultant) in the international movie markets. She also represents HB Wink Animation (China), Netflix Animation (USA) and Aardman (UK).


“As a fan of the charming Snow Queen features, I am excited to support the creation of a new TV series which will take these beloved characters into new situations and further expands their world for a TV audience,” Shelley Page sums up.


We’d like to remind you that it was “The Snow Queen” franchise to inspire Wizart Company to create the series “Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders,” which is currently work in progress. It is planned to make 52 episodes in 3D format, 11-minute-long each. The project is in co-production with Soyuzmultfilm Studio.

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The show “Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders” will narrate about its three main characters. They are Kai and Gerda, whom we already know and love, and there also is a new character named Icy – the Snow Queen’s 5-year old daughter, who ended up in the real world. Each of the heroes has superpowers, which they actively use in their adventures. New hero Icy wields the power of frost and is able to freeze objects. Gerda has control over the North Wind. Kai invents various kinds of machines, mechanisms.


The universe of the series and all its acting characters are well-familiar to the audience from the earlier created universe of “The Snow Queen” franchise. Icy, Kai and Gerda will be confronting villains. Alfida is a fearless pirate girl who leads her own team. Harald is an evil inventor who struggles for power and greatness using his battle robot that runs on olive oil. Florida, a gardener fond of flowers, wants to create an army of plants by her magic and thus turn the planet into a botanical garden.


Each episode is a finished adventure story, in which the heroes don’t only overcome obstacles and fight with evil but also set an example of kindness and honesty and show how one should act in difficult situations. In each episode, Icy, as a new person to this world, learns how to live with friends and what she can or can’t do.