The studio Wizart Animation brought its unique project – Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders – to the Cartoon Forum 2018

The studio Wizart Animation brought its unique project – Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders – to the Cartoon Forum 2018. This is a story about a little girl Icy, who wields the magic of frost and has a power to freeze objects.


Vladimir Nikolaev, Executive Producer of Wizart:

“I’m very happy that we’ve solved this creative challenge in this way – adapted our beloved characters Gerda, Kai, Alfida, Luta, etc. to the format of a TV show and kept them recognizable. As a result, now our audience doesn’t have to wait for another Snow Queen franchise movie for two more years – instead they can enjoy seeing their favorite characters in the format of 52 episodes, 11-minute long each.”



The global success of The Snow Queen franchise has inspired Wizart to start the TV show Snow Queen: Gerda and the Keepers of Wonders, which is currently work in progress. It is planned to make 52 3D-format episodes, 11-minute long each, by the end of 2019. The project is going in co-production with Soyuzmultfilm studio.


Shelley Page, Animation Consultant:

«As a fan of the charming Snow Queen features, I am excited to support the creation of a new TV series which will take these beloved characters into new situations and further expands their world for a TV audience”.


Kai and Gerda, already familiar to the audience, will appear in the series as small kids. Each episode is a finished adventure story, where the heroes not only overcome difficulties and fight against the evil but also learn new things. The target audience of the show is 6-9-year old children.


The director is Aleksey Zamyslov. The screenwriters are Aleksey Tsitsilin, Aleksey Zamyslov and Vladimir Nikolaev. The producers of the project are Yuri Moskvin and Vladimir Nikolaev.