THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE will be shown in the SAR for the first time

On July 27, the South African Republic will see the animated movie The Snow Queen: Fire and Ice for the first time.

Apart from the SAR, the theatrical release of The Snow Queen: Fire and Ice is planned for Namibia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho.

 The third instalment of The Snow Queen will be released  in the South African Republic theatrically.

We’d like to remind you that in 2015 the movie The Snow Queen was first shown in South African movie theaters and became the first Russian animation project that entered wide release in the country. The movie was first screened in the Afrikaans language. Then the company Indigenous Film Distribution that acquired the exhibition rights for the SAR territory refused to do the dubbing in English and chose one of the major languages in South Africa. The second movie of the franchise – The Snow Queen 2: The Snow King was translated from English into Afrikaans and Zulu specially for the South African market.

Indigenous Film Distribution, the distributor for The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice in the SAR mostly specializes in South African and African feature movies on all media platforms. We want to add here that Indigenous Film Distribution was also a distributor for The Snow Queen and The Snow Queen 2: The Snow King. They were so content with the distribution of the previous movies of The Snow Queen franchise that they took the film The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice for their territory as well.

“Film producers oversee the process of filmmaking from development to completion. They bring us their films and if we agree to represent the films, we secure the best distribution possible for the films. We help filmmakers to determine how many copies of the film should be made for exhibition in cinemas, and we create a custom-built marketing and publicity strategy to ensure the film reaches its target audience. We work directly with movie theatres bookings people, like Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro, as well as independent cinema owners in the SADAC countries,” says the message on the company’s official site.

The feature The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice is a sequel to other movies produced by Wizart Animation: The Snow Queen and The Snow Queen 2: The Snow King.

Here Kai and Gerda find themselves in trouble again. After defeating the Snow Queen who had almost frozen the whole world, Kai and Gerda became famous. However, that didn’t help them find their parents taken away by the North Wind. In the creation on the plot, based on the fairytale story by Hans Christian Andersen there took part a famous animator Robert Lence, who also participated in the production of movie hits like Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, Shrek and others.  The music was written by a well-known Italian composer Fabricio Mancinelli, who also collaborated with Walt Disney Studios, Golden Globe и Warner Brothers Animation.

The animated fairytale The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice involves fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, witches, giants and even speaking animals.

As for how the story of the teenagers ends, the South African Republic citizens are going to learn it very soon.

A few facts about the animated movie The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice:


— In 2017, in Bulgaria, it became the most successful movie in distribution for the whole history of independent animation in the country.

— The Snow Queen: Fire and Ice reached incredible success in France from the very first days of its distribution. Let’s note that the premiere became the first theatrical release in France for Wizart and debut for the Russian animation. We’d also like to point out that the Russian animation wasn’t presented on the French movie theater screens.

— The animated film by Wizart Animation became the box office leader in China – it collected over $11 million, which is the best earnings of all the Russian movies ever shown in China.

We’d like to remind you that just on the first day in distribution the animated movie got the record sum for the Russian animation, which amounted to $2.74  (17.34 million yuans), which influenced the decision to prolong the theatrical distribution period. Please, take it into account that the Chinese markets is one of the most close markets in the world and it’s the first time a Russian movie achieved such an impressive result there.

— The exhibition rights have been sold to over 150 countries.

— THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE / Wizart Animation, the animated movie about a young brave girl named Gerda tries to find her missing parents with the help of her brother Kai and trolls, has been given an award at the Guro Kids International Film Festival (GUKIFF) in Seoul.

— The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice was noted at the largest Asian festival of animation and cartoons CICAF 2018 (CHINA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON & ANIMATION FESTIVAL) – the largest movie market of animation and cartoons in Asia, annually held in China (Hangzhou).

— A series of licensed stationery The Snow Queen by Wizart was awarded in the nomination Best Licensed Product Based On Russian Animation at the Russian Industrial Award Ceremony for Animation and Licensing called Multimir, in 2018.

— The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice got a diploma in the Best Animated Movie category at the prestigious contest Suzdalfest-2018. The movie was also noted for its “high professional standards of animation and success in the international arena.”

Other foreign countries that contributed to the general earnings of THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE are:

China ($11.555.000), South Korea ( $2.390.000/ Best Start of Independent Animation 2017), France ($2.006.000), Poland ($1.007.000), Romania ($566.000), Turkey ($529.000), Brazil ($486.000), The Czech Republic and Slovakia ($483.000), Bulgaria ($227.000/ The Best Distribution Result For The Whole History Of Independent Animation In The Country), etc.

The distribution partners are already showing their interest for the forth movie in the franchise – The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands, whose production is currently work in progress in Voronezh studio Wizart Animation.