The Greek audience will see the movie Sheep and Wolves for the first time

On June 28, in Greece, the theatrical premiere screening of the animated movie Sheep and Wolves took place / Wizart Animation.


In anticipation of the Sheep and Wolves release, the distributor held a special screening, the tickets to which people – mostly, moms who have their own blogs – could win online. As a result, the movie theater Havana in Chalandri was totally packed; children and adults plunged into the atmosphere of joy and laughter. ВиО2


“The Greek market at this point is in a very difficult situation and it’s not possible to make any projections. However the Avant Premier in Greece went really well and  it was a sold out! Furthermore  we did our best on the communication of the film through the Media and to reserve the best screens all over Greece so we are very optimistic for box office results. Fingers Crossed the weather will be fine and  SHEEP AND WOLVES will excite our little Greek friends,” comments the representative of Spentzos Film SA.


The distribution company Spentzos Film SA has planned the 46-screen theatrical release, which involves the Athens, Thessaloniki and nearby Greek cities and towns.ВиО3


At the moment, the animated movie Sheep and Wolves has been sold to over 40 countries. Only the theatrical box office of the movie currently amounts to about $5 million.


We’d like to add that in the very heart of the company, in the studio Wizart Animation the work on the next franchise instalment Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal is approaching its finish. The release will take place in Russia this winter.


We can notice that the first time excerpts from the animated film were shown happened in the movie market Marche du Film in Cannes, where the audience could see 25 minutes of the video. The interest to the movie turned out so big that after Russia, Norway will see the new adventures of Grey the Wolf and other characters for the first time; the rights have been sold to the company Storytelling Media. Also the exhibition rights to the movie have been sold to the companies MCF MegaCom (former Yugoslavian territories), PRO Films in Bolgaria, and ACME film in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.