KITTEN FROM LIZYKOV STREET 2 has become the best at the Near Nazareth Festival

The animated short Kitten From Lizyukov Street 2 by Wizart Animation has won the Best Animation nomination at the Near Nazareth Festival (Israel).

The winner of the Best Animation nomination at the Near Nazareth Festival is the animated short Kitten From Lizyukov Street 2 produced by Voronezh studio Wizart Animation, which is also known to the global audience by its other projects, such as the series of animated features The Snow Queen, Sheep and Wolves, etc.

“The movie Kitten From Lizyukov Street is, doubtlessly, very important to us and we treated this project most carefully and attentively. The classics of the Soviet animation has acquired the 3D format and the Kitten has become even closer to our time, he’s got the spirit of our time. We hope this movie will become a significant event for children, just like its predecessor,” comments Yuri Moskvin, Wizart’s General Producer.screen_CFLS_002[1]

“The movie Kitten From Lizyukov Street is a brand of Voronezh. We really want to develop Voronezh city and, from our side, we must make our region more recognizable. That’s why Kitten From Lizyukov Street came to life,” adds Vladimir Nikolaev,  Wizart Animation’s Executive Producer.

It is the third year when the Near Nazareth Festival pays the biggest attention possible to each participating film. The festival presents films in the original language accompanied by English subtitles. The movie screening doesn’t have to be a premiere to take part in the festival.


The participants from Russia, the USA, Germany, India, France, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Israel, Great Britain, Poland, Taiwan and other countries were competing for such nominations as:

— documentary,
— live action movie,
— animated movie,
— music video,
— experimental movie,
— movie for family and children,
— series,
and others.

We’d like to remind you that on Children’s Day (June 1) the premiere screening took place in Moscow within the festival of animation and family entertainment called Multimir – where the audience met the movie with a huge applause.