THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE received an award at the prestigious Guro Kids International Film Festival in Korea

THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE / Wizart Animation, the animated movie about a young brave girl named Gerda tries to find her missing parents with the help of her brother Kai and trolls, has been given an award at the GUKIFF in Seoul.

Wizart Animation is the only Russian animation studio that has been awarded at the GUKIFF. The winning countries also include Korea, India, the USA, Sweden, Iran, Japan, Poland, Taiwan, Italy, Columbia, France, Azerbaijan, Germany and Malaysia.
The major goal of the international festival is to show the most prominent children movies from all corners of the world. The movies that hadn’t been shown at the Korean festival before were favored.
The Korean audience is already familiar with the Snow Queen franchise. All its three instalments have already been released theatrically in South Korea, where the first movie earned over $ 1.6 million. THE SNOW QUEEN 2: THE SNOW QUEEN got over $4.2 million. The release of the animated movie THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE took place in the territory of South Korea in January 2017. The company responsible for its distribution was Cinema Republic. The third movie theatrical release earnings amounted to over $2.5 million.


We’d like to remind you that another project by Wizart Animation – SHEEP AND WOLVES – won a Grand Prix at the Guro Kids International Film Festival in Seoul in 2016.
It’s the sixth time the capital of South Korea becomes a venue for the presentation of live action and animated movies for children. We’re reminding that 901 movies from 72 countries have been selected for the festival this year, which is 28% more than last year. 37 Korean and 174 foreign works have entered the final. 23 films have received awards, including THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE.