The company Wizart has strengthened its positions at the Marche du Film

At the movie market Marche du Film, Wizart company presented two projects, which the world of animation has been longing to see: animated movies THE SNOW QUEEN: MIRRORLANDS and SHEEP AND WOLVES: PIG DEAL.

It’s worth noticing that both projects are currently in the stage of production and the audience will see them in the nearest time. Let’s also not forget that the franchises of both projects are being in distribution to this day and receiving lots of interest in a number of countries.

“With theatrical releases continuing internationally for years after the original premieres, and including the massively expanding secondary revenues, overall the two franchises – ‘Snow Queen’ and ‘Sheep and Wolves’ — have already made over $100 million worldwide,” commented General Producer of Wizart Yuri Moskvin.

We would like to note it separately that the French-speaking part of Canada is going to see THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE very soon; its distribution will be managed by the company Cinemas Guzzo, which was also distributing the animated movie Monster Family. The movie release is set for the beginning of June.

«Wizart’s production quality is world-class and we were surprised that
their previous animated features were not released theatrically in Canada,» said Vincenzo Guzzo. «We are delighted to work with Wizart on SNOW QUEEN 3 and hope to bring their future films to Canadian audiences,» Vincenzo Guzzo I, President and CEO of Cinemas Guzzo.

Discovery Networks Latin America, one of the largest TV channels in Latin America, has prolonged the contract on the broadcast of the animated movie THE SNOW QUEEN 2: THE SNOW KING.

We want to add that the first instalment of THE SNOW QUEEN will appear on the Spanish TV broadcast. Its distributor will be the company Cesca Films; the rights are to be realized till the end of the year.

«Everyone knows Hans Christian Andersen and his fairytale The Snow Queen. At the moment, the market has no production similar to ours – we’ve made the great movie, which is interesting to watch not only for the Russian audience, but for the whole world. Our animators have managed to create the product of Hollywood level; each new movie of THE SNOW QUEEN franchise becomes stronger in terms of technologies, has better-developed looks and personalities of the characters and involves lots of adventures and action. The movie has a lot of fans that follow each new sequel, and we try our best not to disappoint them,” comments Yuri Moskvin, General Producer of Wizart.


“Wizart Animation is the leader in the production of the high-budget feature animation in Russia and Eastern Europe. Each of our projects is getting better than the previous ones in all aspects, including technologies, storytelling, the plot, the characters’ personalities. But the most important thing is we’re improving our quality every day,” says Vladimir Nikolaev, Executive Producer of Wizart.

Besides, the company FOX Vision is going to show the animated movie
фильм Fantastic Journey to Oz, exclusive distribution rights to which belong to Wizart, in the territory of ex-Yugoslavia.

“We’re glad to start working with this company and hope for further partnership. We believe the movie is going to reach huge success in this territory, as in Serbia and other ex-Yugoslavian countries Alexander Volkov’s books The Wizard of the Emeral City and Urfin Joos and His Wooden Soldiers are well-known and pretty popular,” comments Yuri Moskvin, General Producer of Wizart.