Wizart at Marche du Film

Wizart, one of the leading animation companies in the world presented its new animation features in Cannes, at Marche du Film, on May 8-17: THE SNOW QUEEN: MIRRORLANDS and SHEEP AND WOLVES: PIG DEAL, on which the animated studio Wizart Animation is actively working now.

It’s worth noticing that both projects are currently in the stage of production and the audience will see them in the nearest time. Besides, Robert Lence – one of the creators of the feature movies “Beauty and the Beast”, “Bambi”, “Monsters, Inc.”, “Shrek”, “Toy Story”, “The Lion King”, “Up” and other world known films – had a hand in the development of both features.

After the huge success of THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE in China (after the first day in distribution its box office hit $2.74 million, a record sum for the Russian animation (17.34 million yuans); at the present moment its earnings in Chinese distribution amount to about $11 million (68.77 million yuans)), the movie distributor Turbo Films and China Film Group have made an unprecedented decision to prolong the theatrical distribution of the movie from April 5 till June 1 (here we should remind that an average theatrical release in China generally lasts for about a month). Experts of the movie and animation market are already calling this result impressive.

“The Snow Queen 3 has been warmly embraced by children and parents alike, filling a gap in the market for princess-genre animated films. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the film stay in theatres for one more month.” – comments the representative of Turbo Films, one of the leading distribution companies in China.

Let’s not forget that another impressive result was shown in France, where the box office earnings amounted to over $2 million.
“These are the best box office results for the whole history of the Russian cinema and animation, which had theatrical distribution in France for the first time ever,” comments Yuri Moskvin, General Producer of Wizart.

Considering the success of this animated movie, most of the European partners that work with Wizart have planned the release of THE SNOW QUEEN: MIRRORLANDS for the Catholic Christmas Eve 2018. The Snow Queen franchise is a truly winter story, so this is the most suitable period for the movie release.

We’d also like to add that the Marche du Film audience was the first to see an excerpt from the movie THE SNOW QUEEN: MIRRORLANDS.

“In our new movie THE SNOW QUEEN: MIRRORLANDS, we’ve decided to expand the universe and added a new high-technological town, full of scientific progress, trolls and magic caves. The fourth movie will show a collision between high technologies and magicians. We’re sure our viewers are going to really enjoy watching it,” comments Vladimir Nikolaev, Executive Producer of Wizart.

Within Marche du Film, Wizart concluded the following agreements, which we’d like to describe in more detail. THE SNOW QUEEN: MIRRORLANDS is to be shown in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia (by the company ACME film). In the near time, the new Snow Queen story will appear in Poland (the rights have been bought by Kino Swiat distributor), where the third Snow Queen franchise instalment earned $816000 in 2016; another territory to screen it is the countries of ex-Yugoslavia, where the company Blitz d.o.o is in charge of the theatrical release. After the successful distribution of the third Snow Queen franchise instalment in February of this year (the total box office amounted to $483260) the company CinemArt (the Czech Republic, Slovakia) has bought the rights for the distribution of the fourth movie in the franchise. The movie will also be shown in Bulgaria (PRO Films ), where THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE has become the most successful independent movie in Bulgaria for the whole history of the theatrical independent animation distribution in the country.

At Marche du Film an excerpt from the animated movie SHEEP AND WOLVES: PIG DEAL was shown for the first time.

For the first time the adventures of the wolf Grey and other characters will be seen in Norway; the distribution rights have been sold to the company Storytelling Media. We’d like to add that the animated movie SHEEP AND WOLVES successfully entered its distribution in August 2017. It was one of the first Russian animation releases in the Scandinavian countries. The distribution company has large expectations for the sequel.

The exhibition rights for the movie have been sold to MCF MegaCom (the territory of former Yugoslavia), PRO Films (in Bulgaria) and to ACME film (in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia).