THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE holds the highest box office for a Russian film in China

At the present moment THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE’s earnings in Chinese distribution amount is to about $11 million (68,9 million yuans).

On the first day the box office of THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE hit $2.74 million in China, which is the record sum for the Russian animation (17.34 million yuans). The movie distributor Turbo Films and China Film Group have made an unprecedented decision to prolong the theatrical distribution of the movie from April 5 till June 1 (here we should remind you that an average theatrical release in China generally lasts for about a month). Experts on the movie and animation market are already calling this result impressive.


‘The Snow Queen 3 has been warmly embraced by children and parents alike, filling a gap in the market for princess-genre animated films. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the film stay in theatres for one more month.‘ – comments the representative of Turbo Films, one of the leading distribution companies in China.

It should be noted as well that at the same day alongside with the title THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE, there was a release of another film, called ‘Cats and Peachtopia’, which earned less money than the third part of the popular franchise. Its total box office was only $3.5 million (22 million yuans). For the further comparison, the feature ‘Wes Anderon’s Isle of Dogs‘ released on the April 20 got $6.8 million (43 million yuans). ‘Movies Studio Ponoc’s Mary‘ and ‘The Witch’s Flower‘ started on the April 28 and received only $2.4 million (15 million yuans).

For the further comparison, take a look at the box office of the titles like:
My Little Pony: The Movie — 47 million yuans,
Robinson Crusoe — 54 million yuans,
Thomas & Friends: The Great Race — 21 million yuans

The release date of THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE was April 5 for the Qing Ming Festival (Sweeping Tomb Festival). The film’s release has capitalized on 2 long holiday weekends of Qing Ming Festival in April and Labour Day in May. Due to the popular demand, the theatrical run of the Snow Queen 3 has been officially extended by Chinese film regulators. The film will stay in the theatres until June, coinciding with the National Children’s Day in that month.

‘The Snow Queen: Fire and Ice’ is the third instalment of a popular franchise ‘The Snow Queen’; it is sold to more than 150 countries and hit the BO level worldwide respectfully.

At Marche du Film Wizart Animation will be introducing the fourth installment of the franchise, ‘The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands’, with its domestic release scheduled for December, 2018.

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