Animation feature THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE has been acknowledged at CICAF 2018

CICAF 2018 was held in China (Hangzhou) at the beginning of the last spring month.

31326904_1882816815069973_4311468847581274388_nCICAF 2018 (China International Cartoon Animation Festival) is the only state-level professional cartoon and animation festival of its kind in Chinese mainland. This year Wizart was honored to be a guest at the forum.
Russian films have been introduced to the Chinese market before, although none of them had reached such amazing success like the Russian title The Snow Queen. The organizers of CICAF especially invited Wizart to discuss further cooperation on the franchise series to work.
Executive producer of Wizart Animation studio Vladimir Nikolaev was invited to such significant event by Chinse organizers of the forum. Vladimir told and shared the experience of creation the international animation franchise ‘The Snow Queen’ with his Chinese colleagues.
It should be reminded that negotiations on cooperation Russia with China in the animation are held for a long time. Notably, the Chinese boom in animation began approximately 10 years ago at the time when the authorities of China were seriously concerned about its rapid development. The Chinese government even has set some restrictions (TV channels had to show at least 60% from local animation product from the whole share of animation on TV), privileges (low taxes, favorable price for rent) and subsidies (a huge state regulation involved many studios). The state companies aimed to strength its infrastructure (educational institutions, famous animation centers and technology parks, which were useful tools for promotion of local animation).
Thus, the result of these activities became impressive. For instance, the volume of Chinese animation production increased annually by 50% and the number of studios has tripled for the five-year period for the period from 2007 to 2012.
But despite the fact that Chinese society is conservative, reserved and self-sufficient, Russian films have been already presented at the Chinese market for several years, a prime example of that is the animated franchise ‘The Snow Queen’, the fourth part of which will be brought to Russian screens in December 2018.
The Russian animated film THE SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE by Wizart Animation was released in Chinese theaters with a resounding success in the box office and gathered for the first day of release a considerable sum $ 2.74 million (17.34 million yuan).
Meanwhile, theatrical release of the title is still going on. At the moment the Chinese distributor of Turbo Films alongside with China Film Group are taking a decision whether to extend the movie theater release. Moreover, box office of the title has reached more than $ 9.6 million in China.
«It`s the first time Russian animation has showed such a tremendous result at Chinese market, which is one of the most conservative markets with the highest level of competition between the Chinese local products and content from around the world,» commented General producer of Wizart, Yuri Moskvin.
Now Russia has a perfect opportunity for greater promotion to the Eastern market due to the Wizart`s products.
Today CICAF is a cartoon and animation festival with the large scale, highest popularity and widest influence in China, and also cut a figure in the international stage. In the future, CICAF would further enhance its brand influence and event quality, so as to develop into a communication platform with broader international visions and higher professional standards.