Russian animation gains popularity all over the world

The positive trend associated with a great interest in Russian animation has recently been tracked in the global cinema box office.

Closed and seemingly inaccessible areas for Russian animated films have discovered Russian cartoons with a success.
For the first time in the Russian history the title SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE and ICE (Wizart Animation) received a theatrical release in France. It was impossible to imagine it earlier in the French territories. Similar to China’s huge interest in Russian animated films, where the third part of the SNOW QUEEN 3: FIRE AND ICE (2016) has successfully been brought to 8,000 screens. Moreover, here it is rather worth talking about a precedent, which demonstrated that the Russian animation has finally opened the previously locked doors.
«Even more impressive is the dynamic for ‘Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice’, released in France through Universal and KLB this February, and just launched (April 5th) in China across more than 8000 screens, setting a new threshold and a record for independently produced European/American animated feature films released globally without any support from a major multinational corporation», — said General producer of Wizard Yuri Moskvin.
Other interesting facts of Russian animation in the world box office are releasing the features for a long time after their debut in theaters abroad and making profit. And here we can say that the animation segment of the market made in Russia became a successful brand which is known all over the world.
«As a good example of the enduring global success of the ‘Snow Queen’ franchise, just the theatrical revenues for ‘The Snow Queen 2’ have increased by another $5 million over the past couple of years, with its theatrical total alone surpassing $20 million outside North America.
With theatrical releases continuing internationally for years after the original premieres, and including the massively expanding secondary revenues, overall the two franchises – ‘Snow Queen’ and ‘Sheep and Wolves’ — have already made over $100 million worldwide», — concluded Yuri Moskvin.

Note for information
The studio Wizart Animation has produced the following animated films:
SHEEP AND WOLVES (2016), etc.

The fourth part of the franchise of the SNOW QUEEN: MIRRORLAND and the sequel of SHEEP AND WOLVES: PIG DEAL will appear already in 2018.