Netflix Picks Up Russian Cartoon Series ‘YOKO’

Netflix has picked up the Russian cartoon series Yoko for the U.S., United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Canada and India
The deal was brokered by Jetpack Distribution.
Yoko is produced by Wizart, Somuga and Dibulitoon Studio and is commissioned by RTVE and ETB in Spain. The show which currently airs on multiple networks across the world has proved popular with young audiences and buyers alike, having been recently picked up by Nick Jr. in Italy, BBC Kids in Canada, Sun TV Network in India, Canal Panda in Portugal, ETV in Estonia and CTC and O! in Russia.
The show currently airs in 60 countries across the world. Season two (containing 14 episodes) is currently in production.
Yoko follows the adventures of three children who simply love to play outside. The enthusiasm and energy they put into their games awakens the magical creature called Yoko. Yoko takes ordinary children’s games and turns them into extraordinary adventures, making every day in the park a new and exciting challenge.
Jetpack Distribution CEO Dominic Gardiner says: “Yoko has proved to have mass global appeal. It contains elements that pre-school kids really love including magic and adventure. It also highlights the value of play and delivers positive messages. We are delighted with these deals and very excited about season 2.”