Projects of WIZART Studio are going to China, Great Britain and Germany

The Russian animation studio sold the rights to its tentpole to China, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Wizart also reports about the deal on Sheep and Wolves – the project will be soon released in the theatres of Great Britain and Ireland.

The third film of The Snow Queen franchise is scheduled for release in China next spring with the support of a major marketing partner and by the end of 2018 it will be available on all digital media. Beijing Turbo Film Corporation Ltd undertakes the theatrical distribution of the new film. This company has established itself as a strong player in the film distribution market and the creation of personalized campaigns in support of theatrical releases.

«We are sincerely glad to start cooperation with Beijing Turbo Film, says Yuri Moskvin, general producer of Wizart. — The first two films of our franchise were successfully released in this country. The first film was the first Russian animation released theatrically in China in August 2015. This was undoubtedly a significant event in the strengthening of Russian-Chinese relations in the field of culture and entertainment. The project was well received by critics and the audience. The premiere of the second franchise film took place on December 31, 2016, the picture earned about 35.35 million yuan in the Chinese box office and thus has shown the third result in the history of the release of Russian films in this country.»

The new film reflects the basic values of Chinese culture. In full accordance with the ethical principles of Chinese society the film affirms the fundamental value of the family. The main character Gerda overcomes countless trials for the sole purpose of reuniting with her lost parents.

«The success of «The Snow Queen: Fire and Ice» in Russian and international box office served as the basis for cooperation between Wizart and Beijing Turbo Film. The Snow Queen franchise is the leading example of Russian animation with pre-existing brand awareness and we cannot be more thrilled to bring the third film to the Chinese market» – the Chinese partner said in a statement.

Yuri Moskvin also reports that Wizart managed to attract a strong partner in Czech Republic and Slovakia which will promote the Snow Queen. In February 2018, the third film will be theatrically released with the support of the leading distributor in the territory — Cinemart. The distributor is known for the release of blockbusters of Twentieth Century, Fox, Universal and Paramount Pictures, it also has the largest attendance market share — 35.7%, and the highest number of releases in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

«We have current dating February 8th 2018. The movie will be released wide, on about 100 screens. The quality animation, good fairytale with even funny moments for adults makes good promise. We didnt have any movie with princess for long time and all the girls (and still some moms) want to be them in some moment so we would like to fulfill their demans in cinemas bringing this movie to CZ &SK» — says Marek Jenicek from Cinemart.

Ascot Elite which is one of the most successful film distribution company in the German-speaking territories undertook the implementation of all types of Home Entertainment rights for the third Snow Queen.

«After a very successful release of the first two films, it was clear to us that Ascot Elite will be on board again with the third part of this beloved animation franchise. The film uses high-end technology and looks even more breathtaking than the foregoing two films, — Acquisitions, Sales & Product Management Director Marzio Frei explains. The film will have a premiere this month in Germany, Austria, German-speaking Alto Adige, German-speaking Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

Also in spring 2018 Wizarts’ Sheep and Wolves will be shown in Great Britain and Ireland. «Thunderbird Releasing is engaged in releasing of European films awarded at prestigious international film festivals. The French Courgette was among the latest animated films released by the company in the UK. The release of the film was followed up by a creative and personalized marketing strategy. This approach in the work of the distributor has very much attracted us. In turn the film Sheep and Wolves has attracted them by the strong social message addressed to the children’s audience first of all,» — Moskvin reports.

«Wizart has proven a new force in quality family animation, SHEEP & WOLVES is a lovely traditional tale with a modern spin that delivers universal appeal which we are looking forward to introduce to the British audience in Spring 2018”, — the representative of the distributor comments on the deal.