The Snow Queen: Wonderland is sold to South Korea, Turkey and Poland

In the framework of AFM, Wizart announces deals on the fourth film of the franchise The Snow Queen.

The title of new animated feature of the most successful Russian animated franchise in international release is The Snow Queen: Wonderland. Courageous Gerda will come to the rescue of magic creatures imprisoned in the Wonderland. Gerda has to cooperate with her old nemesis the Snow Queen in order to prevent a fairy tale world from disappearing. It has to do with being willing to lay aside old grievances and reconciling with those you have had trouble with, and who have hurt you in the past. And in doing so, she may find some surprising new allies.

The outstanding master of world animation Robert Lence (known for his works in such projects as Beauty and the Beast, Shrek, Toy Story, The Adventures of Flick and many others) will be the director of the new film together with a changeless Alexey Tsitsilin. This a first collaboration with Hollywood specialist in animation directing not only for Wizart, but for Russian animation industry. Veteran Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks filmmaker is sure to give Wizart plenty of useful and irreplaceable knowledge.

The continuation is planned to be released in Russia traditionally on the eve of the New Year 2019. Despite the fact that the project is in the initial stage of production and the studio is ready to present to the distributors less than 10 minutes of footage, the new Snow Queen was able to enlist the support of its permanent distributors on important territories.

Thus, the large Turkish distributor Medyavisyon explains its decision by the fact that Gerda and her friends have already won the spectators’ favour and become recognizable characters in this country. «Snow Queen became a brand in Turkey because of being a serial film. In particular, it makes it easier to make sense of the tangible progress of the story. Because kids memory is so strong, they know the new characters immediately and want to see them in the next film. In the third film, especially the poster was very beautiful! We won the audience from there. Girls want to be in Gerda’s place and feel like her.»

The previous part of the franchise was released in Turkey in February 2017 on 253 screens. Following the results of the first two weeks of the film distribution in Turkey, the Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice have seen more viewers than the second part of the franchise in 2015 for the entire release period. The success of the picture, of course, contributed to the large advertising campaign that accompanied the release: advertising on Disney and Cartoon Network, outdoor and digital advertising. An important factor of high results was the selection of Turkey’s largest cinema network Mars Media, as well as a favorable competitive environment and the great popularity of Kai and Gerda among Turkish viewers after the first parts of the Snow Queen came out.

«In fact, getting promotional products is very useful for us! In marketing activities, we plan to have TV spots on children’s channels and reach parents in public transportation areas. I think we can schedule the film in December 2018 – January 2019. Our screen count is about 200. We are excited to be together in the fourth film as it is in all the series of Snow Queen. We’re looking forward to bringing this great movie to the kids», — comments Zeynep Kayrak, responsible in Medyavisyon for film distributing and marketing.

Wizart continues to develop a successful cooperation with the largest film distribution company in Poland, Kinoswiat. Managing Director Marcin Piasecki says: We are very glad to work with Wizart again. With each and every part of the Snow Queen franchise we improve the number of admission. We appreciate the cooperation with Wizart and their extremely careful approach to marketing strategies and lots of creative ideas, which we are sharing both ways.

The Polish film distributor announced readiness to acquire rights to a new film after an unprecedented result of the release of independent animation. The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice has shown the best work on the screen among participants in the traditional Christmas theatrical race having earned more than 1 million USD and having overtaken all the studio animations in Poland, except Disney’s Moana. KinoSwiat decided to increase the advertising budget to support the successful release after an incredible success at the first weekend.

Wizart also announces the sale of rights to the film Snow Queen: Wonderland in South Korea. At one time high results in this country contributed to the promotion of the franchise to other Asian territories. «Previous films about the Snow Queen were watched by more than 1,200,000 spectators, and the total box office exceeded $ 8 million,» — it is said in a statement of the Cinema Republic. «For almost five years of cooperation a great deal of work has been done to promote the brand in our market: from direct advertising to city ​​transport, branding of furniture in network cafes, the release of the book on the motives of cartoons and the production of collection goods with heroes of the animated comedy. We decided to acquire the rights to the fourth film evaluating the popularity of the Snow Queen.”

«South Korea is in the top seven of the world’s largest film markets and the competition there is huge so it is difficult to mislead a viewer. This country has become for us one of the most favorable territories in the geography of international sales. We hope that the interest in the continuation of Gerda’s adventures will remain in a year helping to a traditionally successful release» – commented the general producer of Wizart Yuri Moskvin.