Wizart’s new deals at Marche du Film

Sheep & Wolves is heading to Greece, France, Indonesia and South Korea, while The Snow Queen franchise will be released in Portugal and Indonesia

CANNES, May 19, 2017

Wizart has signed new agreements for its animated feature films Sheep & Wolves and the Snow Queen franchise at international market Marche du Film held in terms of the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

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Sheep & Wolves and the first installment of the Snow Queen franchise secure Greece release. Spentzos Film (the distributor of Patriots Day and Arrival) is to handle the release in the territory, which is the new market for Wizart’s animated movies.

Cinemundo (the distributor of Bigfoot Junior, Norman and Jackie) has picked up all three installments of the Snow Queen franchise for a theatrical release in Portugal. The first part of the Snow Queen is set to hit Portuguese cinemas in June 2017. Prior to this, in January 2017 another Wizart’s animated movie Sheep & Wolves was released in Portugal by Lanterna de Pedra.

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Wizart has also signed an agreement with KLB for exhibition of Sheep & Wolves in France. The animated movie has already had a primetime TV broadcast on Gulli, one of the biggest French family channels with the audience of more than five million people per day. In June 2017 KLB will handle Sheep & Wolves release on all the major TVOD-platforms: Itunes, Google, Microsoft, Orange, MYTF1, Canal Plus, Digital Virgo, SFR, Carrefour, CVS, Belgique, Imineo.
Wizart’s animated movies will continue to entertain viewers in Southeast Asia. Indonesian company PT.Satuvisi Abadi (Onevision Entertainment) has acquired the rights to release Sheep & Wolves and The Snow Queen 3, first two parts have been successfully released in the territory previously.

«Just another great year to start, in early 2017 PT Satuvisi Abadi (Onevision Entertainment) has acquired the Snow Queen 3 to complete the previous two movies, The Snow Queen 1 and The Snow Queen 2 for Indonesia. In the same time another great movie from Wizart – Sheep & Wolves also has been acquired for Indonesia. We admitted that the quality and storylines of the movies are fabulous. In year to come we will definitely acquire more movies from Wizart Animation and other Russian animation studios,»- commented Satuvisi Abadi’s Managing Director Agus Simarmata.

Korean BoXoo Entertainment has acquired the rights to release Sheep & Wolves. Prior to that, all three parts of the Snow Queen have come out in South Korea (for example, The Snow Queen 2 released in December 2014 earned $1.3 million in the first two days in theatres and more than $4 million by the end of the release, viewed by more than half a million of people).