The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice continues its success in the international movie distribution: the Russian animated movie wins the affection of the Turkish audience

According to the results of the first two weeks in Turkish cinemas, Wizart’s animated movie The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice has attracted more viewers than the second movie of the Snow Queen franchise during its whole distribution period.

On February 24, the third movie of the most successful Russian animated franchise The Snow Queen was released on 253 theatrical screens in Turkey. According to the results of the first two distribution weeks, The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice was attended by over 120 thousand viewers, and its box office has exceeded $385 thousand so far. Thus, the third movie of the franchise has surpassed the results of its two predecessors.


“We had a relatively strong marketing campaign for the film in Turkey. We used outdoor advertisements on buses, metros and the streets. We also organized competitions on facebook and twitter and distributed the promo products as gifts.  We had given advertisements in the newspapers and on TV (including the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network), we also used web ads. Another important factor in these numbers is the distribution company that we worked with, Mars Media, which is a very important company, also owning a lot of important theatres in Turkey. And the timing of the movie was very successful. There is an increasing interest in movies starring characters like Gerda in Turkey, children are also interested in The Snow Queen 3 because of the first two movies,” Zeynep Kayrak, Advertising and Marketing Manager from Medyavizyon, commented.


It is worth mentioning that the theatrical distribution of The Snow Queen 3 is still going on in a number of European countries. So, after nine weeks, Kai and Gerda’s adventures still remain in the Romanian movie charts having earned over $550 thousand for the distribution period, whereas ten weeks of the Russian animated movie distribution in the Baltic states have brought over $307 thousand. In Bulgaria, the animated movie has shown the best start of the independent animation in that territory for the latest 20 years and is still one of the top 10 box office movies after five weeks of distribution, which proves high quality of the Russian animation and positive reviews of the audience.


At the moment, the total international box office of The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice has exceeded $5 million. Wizart Animation’s movie is continuing to seize international market – it is going to be distributed in Hungary, France, China, Slovenia, Latin America, etc.