WIZART’s new agreements at the EFM: The Norwegian audience will see Sheep and Wolves, while Australia will be shown The Snow Queen 3

The exhibition rights for Sheep and Wolves have been sold to Hungary, South Korea, Germany, France as well as to the following French-speaking territories: Andorra, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Africa. The Scandinavian audience will also see the wolf Grey’s adventures for the first time – the movie will be released in Norway.

The Sonq Queen 3 continues its victorious march over the world: the sequel to Kai and Gerda’s adventures will appear in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and even in Australia!

Berlin (February 11, 2017)

During the European Film Market (EFM) Wizart announced its new agreements and The Snow Queen franchise premieres. The first movie of the Sheep and Wolves franchise, whose premiere took place in April 2016, was of particular interest.

Koch Media, a large distributor in the German territory, has acquired the rights for the animated movie Sheep and Wolves to provide the Home Entertainment release in Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Luxembourg and South Tyrol. The release is planned to take place in the winter of 2017.

“We’re happy to acquire the experience of work with Wizart Animation and to have this opportunity to introduce the new franchise Sheep and Wolves to the German audience. We hope that our audience will like Sheep and Wolves, as the company’s production is really high-quality,” a Koch Media representative noted.

The Norwegian company Storytelling Media has acquired the exhibition rights to screen Sheep and Wolves in June 2017. It is the first release of the Russian independent animation in Scandinavia; the movie will be screened all over the country: from Oslo to Honningsvåg.

The Hungarian company ADS Service has acquired the exhibition rights for Sheep and Wolves. The movie release all over the country is planned for March 2017.

Wizart had concluded an agreement with the distribution company KLB for the Home Entertainment release of The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice in France and French-speaking territories.

Blitz, a large distributor, has acquired the rights for a theatrical release of The Snow Queen in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia in the first quarter of 2017.

Another important success for Wizart is the contract for a theatrical release of The Snow Queen 3 in Australia and New Zealand – with the support from Odin’s Eye, the audience of this continent, which is so far away from Russia, will see the story about Gerda and Kai’s adventures at the end of 2017.

Zylo, a French distributor, has acquired the rights for the animated movie Fantastic Journey to Oz to provide the Home Entertainment release in France as well as in the French-speaking territories of Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra and Luxembourg and Africa.

“The geographic expansion of Wizart’s animated movies distribution is getting wider and wider every day – the theatrical success in European countries proves how high-qualified the Russian animation is. Our partners are willing to purchase animated movies that will be interesting to their audience and thus popular. Sheep and Wolves have beaten a lot of attendance records, The Snow Queen 3’s box office is also a record one. We, in our turn, are providing our partners with the highest informational and marketing support possible – to multiply the numbers of people who love Wizart’s animated movies,” Yuri Moskvin, Wizart’s general producer, commented on the company’s participation in the EFM.

Wizart is a Russian company that specializes in the production of high-quality family animated feature films and TV shows, their distribution and promotion in the Russian and international markets. It is on the TOP 25 World’s Most Promising Animation Companies to Watch list according to the Animation Magazine.