The characters of The Snow Queen 3 will start to speak Korean!

On January 5, 2017, South Korea has a release of the animated movie The Snow Queen 3. Fire and Ice.

After Baltic States and Russia, the Korean audience will be next to see the comedy – the third movie of The Snow Queen franchise will be shown on 450 screens throughout the country.

The music for The Snow Queen 3 was created by the Hollywood composer Fabrizio Mancinelli and recorded by the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Peter Pejtsik. The soundtrack song Fire and Ice is performed by WJSN / COSMIC GIRLS, a popular Korean girls-band. The vibrant girls have made a video for the song – they have lots of fans in both Korea and Russia who loved the song a lot!

Wizart’s animated movies have a great success in Korea: the Korean audience took a liking to the first Snow Queen movie and South Korea became one of the ‘best-going’ territories in the geographic range of Wizart Animation’s international sales. The Snow Queen 2: The Snow King earned $1.3 million for two days of Korean distribution; over 175 thousand viewers saw it; the movie had a wide release in December 2014.

In his turn, Wizart’s General Producer Yuri Moskvin noted that the Korean partners have done a huge amount of promotional work on The Snow Queen 3 in 2016 – from direct advertising on public transport and branding furniture in branch cafes to publishing the book The Snow Queen 3 and producing collectable stickers with images of the animated comedy characters.

“South Korea is one of the top seven largest movie markets in the world; it has a lot of competition going on, so its audience is hard to trick. We hope that the audience’s interest in the new adventures of Kai, Gerda and the troll Orm will be even bigger than when the first two animated movies were in distribution,” Yuri Moskvin said.

The third animated movie of The Snow Queen franchise was released both in Russia and in the major part of Eastern Europe: Croatia, Romania, Poland and the Baltic States – all at the same time. The release in Korea, Bulgaria, Turkey and Middle Eastern countries is planned for the beginning of 2017.

The rights for the first two movies of the franchise have been sold to over 130 countries. For an animated movie by an independent studio, such a huge range of territory means a great success. A lot of countries have seen The Snow Queen animated movie on TV – Wizart has sold the TV exhibition rights to countries of the CIS, Latin America and the Middle East.