The biggest Russian animation premiere of the year: The Snow Queen 3. Fire and Ice has a wide release

On December 29, 2016 the animated comedy The Snow Queen 3. Fire and Ice by the Wizart

Animation studio starts to be screened in all the Russian movie theaters from Kaliningrad to


After defeating the Snow Queen, who had almost frozen the whole world, Kai and Gerda

became famous. Only that didn’t help them to find their parents, abducted by the North Wind. After

their fame becomes too much of a burden, Kai and Gerda decide to change their life – to move to a

place where no one knows them and start things from scratch. So, that is the moment when the

major story action rises.

There were about 300 animators working on the animated movie The Snow Queen 3. Fire

and Ice – the studio Wizart located in Voronezh and managed by Vladimir Nikolaev.

The work of the screenplay started two years ago already – and after going through over 50

changes, the screenplay was completed only in 183 days. As Aleksey Tsitsilin, the director, says,

the most difficult and critical moment was the episode where Gerda receives the Wishing Stone –

everyone who was working on the movie asked themselves: “What is going to happen next?”.

To make The Snow Queen 3 livelier, more joyful and having more action, the Wizart team

invited Robert Lence, a famous Hollywood screenwriter, who previously worked on Walt Disney’s,

Pixar’s and DreamWorks Animation’s projects, such as Beauty and the Beast, A Bug’s Life, Toy

Story, Shrek.

Aleksey Tsitsilin says: “Robert helped us to adapt The Snow Queen 3 for the international

distribution, so lots of scenes were adapted for the situation that not only the Russian audience can

understand. He was also helping us with the screenplay structure. The initial beginning of the movie

was too long and heavy, but Robert helped us to correct this issue. We’re grateful to Robert for the

experience he shared with us when we were working together.”

The score for The Snow Queen 3 was created by the Hollywood composer Fabrizio

Mancinelli. He also created music for Disney’s movie Growing up with Nine Old Men (directed by

Ted Tomas), TV show 11th for Hallmark/Feeln (starring Cloris Leachman, an Oscar holder), and

the Golden Globe ceremony in 2016. The music was recorded by the Budapest Scoring Symphonic

Orchestra conducted by Peter Pejtsik.

The third animated movie of The Snow Queen 3 franchise will be released in the major part

of Eastern Europe: Croatia, Romania, Poland and the Baltic States. The release in Korea, Bulgaria,

Turkey and Middle Eastern countries is planned for the beginning of 2017.

The rights for the first two movies of the franchise have been sold to over 130 countries. For

an animated movie by an independent studio such a huge amount of territory means a great

breakthrough. A lot of countries have seen The Snow Queen 3 animated movie on TV – Wizart has

sold the TV exhibition rights to countries of the CIS, Latin America and the Middle East.

Interesting facts about the project:

For the sake of visualization, in Voronezh a 3D model was made – it depicted the whole

Snow Queen 3 magic world from hot Spain to the trolls’ Forbidden Lands;

A view in the troll city, the rock that looks like a stuck out tongue is an absolutely real place on the

Scandinavian Peninsula. This piece of rock bulging from Skjeggedal mountain and shaking our

imagination is the rock named Trolltunga (Troll tongue). The last wonder of nature comes as a

broken off piece of rock, rising 350 meters above the Ringedalsvatnet lake;

5 hours of the actors’ play was recorded while preparing the movie Paul Ekman’s book

Telling Lies: Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage was one of the

sources the animators were using to draw the emotional spectrum;

The visual effects team had to watch 23 hours of video to create realistic lava in 250 movie scenes.