The characters of the Snow Queen 3 animated movie will wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Moscow Metro passengers

Starting from December 26, passengers of the Moscow Metro and the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) will be able to see and hear the New Year wishes from the characters of the Russian 3D-animated movie The Snow Queen 3. Fire and Ice. For that, they will need to point their gadgets at their ‘Unified’ (‘Yediniy’) tickets.

The unique festive activity for the citizens of the capital and its tourists is held by the Moscow Transport Department in cooperation with the Moscow Metro Management, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the communications company ‘Author’ and the Russian animation studio ‘Wizart Animation’.

To enable the Moscow Metro and the MCC passengers to hear the wishes, each ticket will be provided a special mark. After downloading the Snow Queen 3 application and then the Greetings option, people will hear the New Year wishes from the troll Orm, a popular character of The Snow Queen franchise. Besides, using the same application in combination with a ticket, passengers will have an opportunity to play some entertaining games.

On top of that, in the creation of both the greetings and games the information technology of augmented reality was applied. A smartphone camera and the particular software augment a regular image by adding some effective virtual objects to it – i.e. the animated characters that don’t only appear on screen but also say some warm words to each passenger of the metro.

The festive activity is one of the closing events of the Year of the Russian Cinema. Right before the New Year holidays, the Moscow Government has chosen five national movies to give their priority support to. The animated film The Snow Queen 3. Fire and Ice, whose wide release is taking place on December 29, 2016, has become one of them. The new project of Wizart Animation studio narrates about the importance of the family and friendship as well as mutual help and love – the values on which the society is founded.