WIZART is a unique full package company with production facilities to produce world-class family animated feature films and animated series, as well as aninternational sales and marketing department. In 2015 the company was included in the TOP 25 Animation Companies to Watch, a list of animation companies with most international potential, compiled by the highly regarded Animation Magazine. Company is building 360-degree support of the brands that involves merchandising, digital and mobile applications, thematic special events and live shows, soundtracks etc.

The animation studio is a Voronezh-based subdivision of Wizart which produces feature-length animated films and series. It was formed in 2007 from a company specializing in software development as well as multimedia and software localization. It has been operating under the brand name Wizart Animation since 2012. Wizart Animation has produced highly acclaimed animated features The Snow Queen, The Snow Queen 2 and Sheep and Wolves. Currently the studio is working on the third film of the successful franchise The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice and a preschool animated TV series Snow Queen: Friends Forever!

The studio is a Moscow-based subdivision of Wizart which produces animated series for TV and digital platforms. In fall 2015, TV series Yoko, a co-production between Wizart Series and two companies based in Spain, Somuga and Dibulitoon, was launched on major TV channels in Russia. The series is made for preschoolers 4-6 years of age (a season includes 52 episodes 12 minutes each), and is produced in three original languages: Russian, English and Spanish.

A subdivision of Wizart responsible for international distribution and promotion of the companys content. It also acts as a sales agent for content produced by Wizart Animation and Wizart Series, as well as animated feature films produced by Melnitsa (Urfin and His Wooden Soldiers), a large Russian animation studio.

Founded in 2013 with support of Voronezh region governor and Voronezh State University rector, Wizart Animation school is completely unique. The school is an Autodesk Authorized Training Center. After graduation, students receive not only a VSU training certificate but also an Autodesk international certificate. Graduated students get a chance to become full time employees of the “Wizart Animation” studio.